Cliff Richard To Headline Bohemian Grove

The Knighted British pop star announced he will be headlining this year’s Bohemian Grove ceremony after being cleared of historic sex abuse charges.

Sir Cliff Richard is set to celebrate his freedom by performing the headline slot at this year’s controversial Bohemian Grove ceremony in California.

The annual gathering, held every July, attracts some of the most influential figures in politics and business. During their stay, members of the Bohemian Club participate in theatrical productions, musical performances, and ceremonial rituals involving the mock sacrifice of human effigies under a giant 30-foot owl statue.

“I’m fucking psyched to be playing,” said Richard in one of his recent Snapchat stories. “Now these outrageous allegations are behind me, I just want to focus on my music, slip on some ceremonial robes, worship some occult deities, and relax. I’m super stoked for The Cremation of Care ceremony too. Should help me take a load off.”