“Should We Even Be Governed At All?” Asks Extremely Unpopular Man

A man, now thought to be a bloody lunatic, has questioned whether anyone has “the right to govern” him, regardless of whether they’re based in Brussels or London, and has subsequently lost all of his friends.

As Brexit supporters are celebrating their new-found “freedom” from Brussels, one man made the mistake of questioning whether being governed solely by a small group of elite psychopaths in London was even that much better.

Immediately after leaving the realms of socially acceptable left-right/in-out debate, he was violently attacked by various groups of statists, who all believe that a supernatural entity called “government” should force everyone else in their country to behave in a way that suits them personally.

“All I said was that I don’t get how being controlled solely by a bunch of parasitic paedophiles in Westminster is that much of an improvement, and then everyone just starting losing it,” said anarchist Nate Law. “People just kept yelling in my face and repeatedly asking me ‘who will build the roads?!’ until I blacked out. I woke up three hours later and someone had jammed a tinfoil hat on my head and scribbled ‘EXTREMIST’ all over my body with a Sharpie.”

But Seriously…