Terrorist Praised By Left-Wingers For Holding Hostages In A Gender-Neutral Bathroom

Orlando gunman Omar Mateen has been hailed as “the most progressive mass murdering terrorist yet” by left-wing groups after he held hostages in the same bathroom regardless of their gender identity.

Omar Mateen, the terrorist blamed for gunning down 49 people in a gay club and perpetrating what’s being called “the deadliest mass shooting in US history”, has been praised by the far-left for holding all of his hostages in one shared bathroom.

The terror attack, which took place in Orlando gay club Pulse, has reignited the all-important debate over which set of crappers people should be using.

I know what he did was wrong,” said Tumblr user and Instagram activist Casey Terrance. “But at least he had the decency to rebel against outdated social norms and place his hostages in a socially-progressive, non-discriminatory, gender-neutral environment before threatening to murder them. It’s 2016. We need more terrorists like that.”


But Seriously…

  • Have you seen the video of this shooting witness failing to give a decent description of his “best friend” and then telling the reporter to “shh”?
  • Have you seen this clip of a man pretending to be injured in front of news cameras?
  • Have you seen the news clips of supposed shooting victims being carried back TOWARDS the night club?
  • Did you know that Omar Mateen was on an FBI watchlist?
  • Have you heard the witness reports stating that there were multiple shooters and someone holding the exit door shut during the shooting?
  • Have you seen this video of a police officer laughing and winking during a press conference after the shooting?